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Monogramming Guidelines & Etiquette
A traditional monogram is a personís first, married, maiden initial. The below example would be for Mary Green Liles.


Traditionally, the monogram consists only of the womenís initials, with the married surname initial in the middle.

For the modern monogram that incorporates the bride and her groomís first initial, the proper order would be wifeís first, married surname, husbandís first. The below example would be for Mary and Jeff Liles.


You can create a 1-letter monogram by using the married surname initial. You can add embellishments to this 1-letter design to create your own monogram.


You can create a monogram by using a personís last name only.


You can use a house number, street address, or the married coupleís new name or wedding date. The below examples would be for Mary and Jeff Liles/18 Seaboard Avenue/wedding date November 22, 1997.

Est. 1997

*** 18 Seaboard Avenue ***

Always remember, linens for the bride, and barware for the groom.